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Suzanne finished her shower and dried her body slowly, enjoying the sensation of the towel on her aroused skin. After spraying her vanilla scent, she went to the drawer and brought out her assortment of toys. Checking them, she changed the batteries in each toy. Once again, she checked the power level. As she heard the loud buzzing, she could feel herself getting excited. Her pussy seemed to vibrate at the same speed. She lit some candles and smoothed out the bedcovers. The cds were playing softly and the house alarm was set. Now, she made her pillow nest and got comfortable on the bed. At exactly 8 A.M., she dialed her lover's office. Although they lived over a thousand miles apart, they were together everyday. This was their time. He often came into the office at least an hour early so they could spend time together. Daren was her lover and so much more. They had met in a writer's chat room and become friends. Both had kids the same age, so they often talked about the joys of teenagers and the challenges of balancing parenthood with friendship.

Today was like that. They talked about their daughters and the dangers of sex. They worried that too many girls were being sexually active and that their daughters might succumb to peer pressure. This discussion took some of their valuable morning time, but that is what made Daren so special. She never felt like it was just phone sex, they were both friends and lovers.

As they talked, Suzanne ran her fingers over her naked body, feeling her nipples pucker, feeling her lips swelling open. Daren's voice had a way of reaching her very center, making her wet by just talking. The topic of teen sex was arousing her, but then, today, talking about window cleaning would have excited her. She had dreamed of Daren last night and reread some of his letters this morning. Her body and mind were ready for a major fucking.

Daren could hear the need in her low, husky voice. He changed the subject, asking her about her morning. She described her shower and her nakedness, her words becoming seductively soft....

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